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Pedestrian Safety
With scenic streets and an extensive path system, Maumelle is a popular place for pedestrians. However, more then 5,000 pedestrians are killed and another 77,000 are injured nationwide every year in accidents with motor vehicles. Follow these simple safety tips to stay safe while walking:

> Cross streets at crowsswalks, signals or corners.

> Always remember to stop a safe distance away from the curb, then look and listen for traffic.

> Remember to STOP - look left, look right, then left again before starting to cross.

> If a parked car is blocking your view, step to the front of the car, look left, look right,
     then left again before starting to cross.

> Obey all traffic signs and signals.

> If there is no traffic signal, wait for a break in traffic before starting to cross.

> Make eye contact with drivers before crossing - be sure the drivers see you.

> When walking at night, make sure you can be seen. Wear reflective, bright or light colored clothing.

> Do not use alcohol or any other drugs when moving in or around traffic in any way - even walking!

> Always walk on the sidewalk. When there are no sidewalks, walk on the left-hand side
     of the street. The traffic will be coming toward you, so drivers will be able to see you.

> Teach children to cross in front of a bus; children should stay away from the side or back
     of the bus where the driver cannot see them.

Especially for Children
> Cross only with a parent or crossing guard at major streets and intersections.

> Always listen to and obey all crossing guard directions.

> Stand in the "Safety Zone" (the Safety Zone is 2 giant steps back from the curb) until the
     crossing guard signals it is safe to cross the street.

> Walk carefully. No running or horseplay while crossing the street.