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(South) Odom Blvd. MVA

Photos by Michael Cossey

17 November 2004 MVA
Maumelle Fire-Rescue responded to a report of a two-vehicle MVA at the intersection of (South) Odom Blvd. and Club Manor Dr. Both vehicles suffered significant damage, but all occupants escaped without injury. Firefighters used an absorbent to clean up fluids spilled on the pavement.

17 November 2004 MVA
Firefighter Scott Eaton (foreground) and Captain Tim Bullard spread an absorbent over fluids spilled from the two vehicles. Maumelle Fire-Rescue's response to a motor vehicle accident may be for a number of reasons. Firefighters are trained to treat injured occupants, extricate persons trapped inside a vehicle as well as handle secondary hazardous situations that may arrise.

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