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First Week On The Job

Photos by Michael Cossey


Because they are members with the least amount of seniority, probationary firefighters are charged with handling many of the station chores. Washing the rigs is usually one of the more frequent duties. Above Adam Swalls (left) and Josh Woods clean Brush 1's windshield.

Shane Holmes (left) and Scott Eaton dry Brush 1 off with chamois cloths.

During their initial orientation, probationary firefighters are introduced to the four vehicles in Maumelle Fire-Rescue's fleet and the equipment they carry. Included in this is a demonstration of Truck 1's 75-foot aerial ladder and their first climb to it's top rung. Above, Josh Woods approaches the final section of the ladder.


All five probationary firefighters successfully reached the tip of the ladder and made it back down again, pausing in between for a photo.

Scott Eaton

Shane Holmes

Adam Swalls

Josh Woods

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