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Lock Box Rapid Entry System
Many times, the fire department is summoned to respond to a commercial or industrial building outside of normal business or operating hours. These responses often include fire or smoke alarms that can only be properly investigated with access to the inside of the building.
For this reason, the Maumelle Fire Department encourages all of the city's commercial and industrial occupancies to participate in the Supra Rapid Entry System featuring key lock boxes. By using the Rapid Entry System to gain access to a building, the fire department can rapidly investigate the possible emergency inside without the delay of waiting for a keyholder or possibly damaging doors or windows to force entry inside.

The lock boxes used in this program are manufactured by Supra, a division of GE. The steel-clad boxes are UL-listed for security and can only be opened with specially designed keys coded for and only accessible to the Maumelle Fire Department.

For more information about this program or to purchase a lock box for your building, call or visit our station at 100 Millwood Circle during normal business hours.
Supra LockBox

Lock Box FAQ
Q: What are lock boxes?
A: They are high security key safes used to store building access keys for fire department use.

Q: How does the Rapid Entry System work?
A: The Maumelle Fire Department has been issued a specially-designed key to open the lock box and gain entry to the building by using the keys stored in side. Years ago, the fire department often carried keys to some individual buildings in town. Our city is now too large for such a system.

Q: How do I purchase a lock box for my business?
A: Call 501-851-1337 or visit our station at 100 Millwood Circle to learn more about the program. We will provide you with an order form signed by an authorized representative of the fire department and provide guidance on placing the box on your building. You will complete the form and send it to Supra with payment for your lock box. The box will shipped unlocked so that you can install it on your building. The fire department will be happy to respond and lock your keys inside once the box is in place.  

Q: Who will have access to the keys locked inside?
A: Only the Maumelle Fire Department and the manufacturer of the lock box will have access to the master key used to unlock the box. Even keys for Supra boxes in other cities will not open those installed in Maumelle.